2 Versions no Virgins

hi, since I am a political “liberal” I have a slant on things that is shared with oh, I guess half this country. The other half disagrees, but that is ok, as this is the foundation of our country.
However, faith is another issue. We all have it. Even if we say we don’t, we still have faith that there is no faith. Only one thing is true. That is, that nothing is absolute truth.

Take my early years. Every Sunday, although neither of my parents would, we were trundled off to Sunday school. This exciting event happened after church services, which being Catholic, were highly predictable as the Liturgical year (now considere my Wheel of the Year), was being followed. At least by the grownups, and apparently by everyone sitting around me. Not me, though, I couldn’t figure out why I was there or what I was supposed to do. It was all in Latin, to boot.

So, after services we were loaded into this little dusty smelly room and either nuns or volunteers/nun wannabees and they would croak out familiar ditties.

My favorite is now – Why did God make the world (paraphrased) and the answer of course was that HE created the world so that we could worship and adore HIM. ok. Not too macho. I think the females teaching us really got off on this HIM stuff. Like here was some ultimate guy, who would stand no nonsense and be totally in control of what they could or could not do. Or think, come to think of it, as this God guy was able to read your mind, apparently.

That brings me to what’s on my mind this bright Fall day. What the Hell is intelligent design and who the Hell is making this stuff up?

For instance, how on earth can this be called a creation that is made by an intelligence. Doesn’t intelligence imply built-in planning and safeguards against, say, category 5 storms that wipe out entire cities, or tsunamis that come from underwater earthquakes. How about epidemics, murder, war, death itself?

So, let’s get over this silliness and get back down to earth. We need to reconsider resources, population, those nasty people out to kill others. We need to look at ourself, turn inward then outward, reach to the sky and thank nature herself for putting us here.


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