Annelids Unite!

Here is a true story – I was at the health club the other night, and parked my car in the busy parking lot at the strip mall where my club is. When I got back to my car, I looked up and in front of me, facing me in the painted partition was a huge truck.
The truck was black, the front window was black, so I couldn’t see if anyone was in it, perhaps waiting for someone to buy something in a hurry. In the window facing me, were these blue flashing lights. There were three lights, and they flashed randomly, making a great effect.
First thing I wondered was how they drove around the neighborhood with these distractions in front of them. It was way beyond like hanging a room deodorizor from the mirror.
Then I saw it.
Emblazoned across the front of the hood was the word “Nightcrawler.” Now, I happen to be a horticulturist, avid gardener, avid gardening book reader, creator of two garden websites and a Master Composter to boot. And I happen to know what a nightcrawler really is!
It’s a worm! It’s a worm that people go out at night with flashlights during the summer and catch for Bait!!!!!
So this person was calling themself a worm suitable for bait during fishing season!
I thought it was kind of cute, even though a bit embarrassing. Look at it this way. Instead of debasing themselves and saying “oh, I’m just a crawly squishy worm” they are calling the worm a cool creature.
A creature who, like the pub crawlers in Red Bank or the night stalkers of history (even though they were nasty), is now elevated to the ranks of the worthy!
So, thanks nightcrawler wannabe, for thinking of honoring the creature that makes it possible to catch great dinners, who aerates and changed our soil to grow our food, and who really just does their thing unannounced.
I’ll be watching the roads for you tonight!

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