pet peeve 2 – Poisonous sweat

Just when you think it is safe – someone in my gym class this morning picked up my stepper and put it away, and left hers for me, I guess. The thing is, this same woman always comes in late, but I mean always. She sets up about 6” from me, as if she hones in on the same exact spot by some cosmic vibration. Something like the birds when they migrate. How is it she gets to the exact same quadrant of the floor each time? I mean, what if she had to set up 2” to the right or the left, will that affect her perfect symmetry?
So she works out, wearing the same gold earrings every time. Or maybe it’s my imagination but I thought the ones she had on today were bigger than usual. Still gold, and still that Irish hand and heart thing – a claddagh? Maybe I should wear my pentacle?
It’s not that I mind picking up a stepper in place of mine, chip in, teamwork, all that sort of thing. It’s just that what if her smelly disgusting poisonous sweat dripped on the stepper and I touched it? Then 10 minutes later touched my face before washing my hands?
That’s the kind of thing that upsets me. Ah, life!

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