A Trip to BlackFridayLand

A trip to black Fridayland entails a bit of excitement the night before, after all, what bargains! And setting the alarm clock for even earlier than your earliest day at work. I did this stuff to no avail.
At BestBuy, they were offering a Toshiba laptop that looked pretty good, at like half its usual price. It was a good bargain, especially since it was also mentioned by a relative who I think knows their stuff. I was on!
When I got to the store at about 4:45 for a 5 AM opening, there already was a long line of people. It seemed that the first people on line were there after dessert last night, about 8:30.
So, I got on line at about the same time as the annoying Chinese family with the 7 kids. Dad and mom were sidestepping the whole time, sort of creating their own line, quietly and calmly working their way in front of other people. I have seen this before, it is a quaint characteristic of people, no? And what on earth were they talking about, since it wasn’t the local lingo. I figured the plastic card is all the language we need today.
Once inside, the trick is to avoid being trampled by geeky very large young men who obviously spend all their days at their computers doing who knows what. One very bad-breathed tobacco-poisoned youth almost ran me down on the way to the laptop aisle.
Now we are at the front of the laptop aisle and the quarry is at the other end – NO! I probably will not make it through the mob getting prices and details from the taller sales guy. Good thing he was tall, too, or he would have been carried out with the boxes of computers.
The people interested in the Toshiba on sale were called, though, and we walked behind a sales guy where he shoved some cases and wires on us and said, “Here these are $50 for your laptop.” Yay! Now we tried to find the checkout where we were told the laptops were waiting for us, when rumors started that they ran out! NO!
I decided to ignore the rumors and went directly to the white shirted clipboarded fella walking by. “No,” he says, “the laptops were handed out at 4:40.” “What! You open at 5 today how can you do that?”
“Well,” he says, “the people were on line since 8:30 last night and we went out and handed them tickets for the laptop. There were only 13 and they were gone.”
So, the moral! Bait & switch. Don’t even bother to go out and try to do anything special today, it’s all bullshit.
It’s not that the first people got the goods. That is only fair. But I always felt that being on line in a retail store is democratic. Everyone should have an equal chance. The fact that the employees went out before opening and favored certain people is wrong. They should have made them come in like everyone else. Stores shouldn’t practice favoritism.
I never shop at BestBuy on a good day. The help is terrible; being a middle-aged woman doesn’t help. The young guys like to help the young girls. They are always trying to sell you something extra, which is fine, except I happen to know probably more than they do. So they approach for the wrong reasons all the time.
Stay home this weekend, sleep it off. These stores are full of shit, and I’m gonna get a better laptop soon probably from Dell, and never even go into this store, BestBuy, again!
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