An Inflated Holiday

Nobody has noticed? This Christmas holiday/Chanukah holiday was the worst probably in my whole life. I guess I never noticed the gradual eroding of not only our society’s love and peace idea, until now. I guess you have to grow older to be able to look back at all.
First, it was the idea of love and peace. When I was into this Christian thing, I was all into well, we are waging war around the world, ready to drop bombs on anyone willing to stand up to our country, there are terrible aftermaths still from last year’s disasters, both natural and economic. Yet, this year there was very little mentioned about Christ coming and celebrating his birthday and that he was also known as the prince of peace. Which is what kept me on as a Christian.
Now, I am a bit more secular, but still like the idea of peace and all those white doves hung on trees to remind us that the message here is to bring love to the earth for all of us regardless.
And don’t forget all those round snow globes which seem to have appeared on lawns all over the place. It’s amazing what people will buy!
In my own immediate society or family as it is better known, there was no love or peace, just a general need to figure out absolutely who needed to be gifted, and then how to get away with the least possible sort of gift.
As a result, except for two people who actually asked and discussed with me what sort of thing I would really kind of like to receive, I got a truckload of shit, and a bunch of stuff that is going to be regifted!
Regifting is also an art that I have begun to master. When something is in your possession for a while, why not? It has something of you, so that when you give it further, it can take on a new life and be really appreciated.
Which was the intent in the first place!
I am totally shocked at how people who are supposed to be the most loving and supportive (no, not my church buddies) are the most aggressive, abrasive, and sarcastic of all people.
If I can, I am taking my list of gifts received/given and going somewhere, maybe my basement, next year, lighting a single candle and eating sugar cookies, just one, lonely, quiet night.

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