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Can’t get to this very often, but when I do, I promise something good to read. Ha!

This is a photo of my Uncle Jim. Jim is in Rome, and whomever took this picture, didn’t include the statue right over his right shoulder. Oh, there is a statue with its right arm saluting Jim right there, but what about the massive block of marble over the top of this figure?

Today, I am lucky if I ever see a block of marble, or a beautiful figure such as the one this loyal soldier is viewing. Most of our works of beauty and art are pushed aside nowadays, in favor of temporary pleasures.
This photo was taken in early 1950’s, funny to think it was in the middle of the previous century. Children born today will never know about the Korean war, which is what this picture is all about. My Uncle Jim was put in Europe during this conflict. He was there when I was born.
So we were back in the States here telling him about my birth, the first grandchild of his mother. My family was new to this continent, actually, so he was standing where his mom grew up.
I wonder if he was thinking about me, firstborn of his sister, as he stood there under the giant marble blob, a blob that was older than his known memory at that very moment, looking over him and allowing him to stand there not in reverence or honor, but because he was put there for the time being.

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