Get them outta here!

I hate people who wish harm on all of us. Well, maybe not hate, but hate their actions, hate their thoughts. These people are not even people; members of the same species do not wish to exterminate members of the same species. Animals don’t do it!
Once a human being decides to begin to destroy other human beings, is he a human being still? Where is the soul? Where is the freakin brains!!!
Last night I went to see World Trade Center. go see this movie! yeah, it restores your faith in the goodness of people, and these people were certainly tested, almost died in helping other people.
We woke up this morning to the tune of an aborted imminent attack on those planes from England. Hell! What in the world! Just in time for the anniversary of 9/11, too.
I wish these people whoever they are would just stay out of the USA. I wish we could just pack them up and send them back to whatever dry arid desert hole they came out of.
I figured out that instead of bombing them, we should be shooting birth control pellets into these people so that they stop reproducing. Their kids are going to grow up and do the same shit – steal planes to kill people.
Well, I’ll be looking out for suspicious types. I’ll never look at a bottle of Poland Spring the same again, if held in the hands of an eastern-looking person. This is survival. This is fighting a war that is here in the States, in England, everyone can be suspect now. There are no bars to this indecent behavior.
So get back to hell you bastards and leave me alone!

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