lovely weather

We have had the most beautiful weather, and I was able to get outside and uncover some perennials that became covered with weeds. After that, I decided to come inside and work on some leftover issues on my desk.

The photo is of some recent rain we were having. This is an actual shot of my idiot neighbors watering their lawn during a rainstorm. Yes, there are total morons out there. They were away, but being away did not detract from their concern that their lawn get watered. After all, I or one of the other neighbors may have gone outside and noticed some dry soil, or even a dead blade of grass.

Most of my neighbors have this artificial watering system going now; we don’t. If it doesn’t rain for a while, fine. If it rains a lot, fine. We let nature take its course and in the general scheme, it works out well. We see green. And lots of weeds.

Have a great day, yourself!!!

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