What an affront to Plutonians!!!!

I mean, just today it comes out on the Newz that Pluto may no longer be considered a planet. Uuuuuh, what about all those years as a devoted and avid astrology fan? And how does this treat Plutonians themselves, those outer space denizens that some of us on Earth have revered as being more intelligent, more intellecually adanced, more spiritual, more technologically advanced, all dese years?
My, my.
My apologies to those of you Plutonians who have been slighted by this new development. What is next?
Does this open the doors to the changing of say, (Uranus), pronounced “your anus” as well???? To say, free-wheeling satellite?
And last but not least, what about Mickey Mouse’s dog, Pluto?
Do we have to rename him as well to say, Chiron? or Uranus?
Bite me, uuuuh, I mean – write me.

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