Jeep-ers are not Creep-ers, just Creeps!

I’m driving on the Garden State, our local fast-route to work here, going south, early in the morning, between 7:30 and 8, and behind me comes a huge, black, square, big-wheeled something. I see it in my rear-view mirror. Before I can get out of the way, signal, turn on my turning signals, turn my head, it is bearing down in my rear-view, flashing lights, all but honking at me, while the “driver” a 90-lb. female with long blond hair waving in the wind, discusses the new fall colors on her cell phone!!!
This is driving, folks? Since when did you little bitches buy the roadway? And what right do you, and your young male counterparts (although they can be bought off with a little lipstick application) have to scare the behoosis out of people trying to get to work?

This is the new method of driving – get in the vehicle, power up, and take off with no regard for who is in front of, behind or in back. Just go as fast as you can, until you absolutely have to stop. By the way, that stop is usually 1 or 2 cars ahead of me.

I always am amazed at the astounding skill it takes to get in front of my vehicle, traveling 10 miles over the speed limit, to beat me to the red light.

Hey, if that’s what makes you happy, you are the ones who will be sitting here when I’m gone fighting oil sheeks and wondering whatever happened to corn-ethanol!

Know how you are, you will probably be finding out ways to use it to fuel cell phones!

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