A lot of people have been getting into trouble writing here on the Blogs, or on MySpace. It’s like people have this compulsion to self-destruct. Or to show others their darkest secrets by revealing themselves in ways they wouldn’t over, say, dinner conversation.

So you get these folks talking about things you really don’t need to know about them.
Take me.
I don’t wish people to know certain things about me, what I hate about them, what color I defecated today, you get the point.
So let’s get real here. If I get jogged by some news or political event, I feel that I’m safe writing that here. I’m oh, so good. You may think otherwise, but I don’t care.
I guess that’s the thing. I don’t have to care if anyone thinks I’m good or bad.
So, I’ll be writing a little bit more since I have the bug again.
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