Pet Peeves #1

Somebody broke my felt tip pen. She was hot to correct me on some point during the course of our workaday together, grabbed the first thing she glimpsed that at all resembled some sort of writing instrument, and there went my favorite Sharpie permanent marker! I was aghast when I saw it in her grip; first of all, I am a bit paranoid when it comes to sharing germs and leftover sweat and who knows what from the last trip to the bathroom.
She gripped this item and began writing on a piece of paper. Luckily, there is plenty of that around this desk of mine.
She dug the point of my fine tip marker into the paper – I could hear the scrape as the ink tried to flow as fast as she was writing. I didn’t care, nor did I really understand what the heck she was explaining in so graphic a fashion. When someone has a felt tip pen around their desk, it is obviously for some special reason. I use mine to mark some folders so that I can find them, perhaps? This is not cave man days when you had to scrape and rub something to make your mark. Go get a chisel, girl and use a stone wall with your damn pressure.

Who the hell cares about this stuff?
What stuff – my pet peeves, I mean. I have lots more.
Whether or not I will get them up here, who knows.

Meanwhile, if the guy who plays the cave man comes across this – I love your work!!!!!!! I live for those commercials.

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