Pet Peeves #2

Paper folders are a breed unto themselves. Did you ever give a person a document to look over, and have them suddenly fold the document in half and carefully, excruciating slowly, rub their index finger and thumb up and down, up and down over and over and over again, creating a crease that will make it impossible to ever lay that piece of paper down again to be read, or even filed away without bumping out the folder it’s in?
This is an unconscious thing, it has to be, right? By what impulse does someone have to take something that is working perfectly, such as a piece of paper with invaluable or interesting, irreplaceable information and create a big brown ugly dirty line across the middle of that document? It makes me think:

  • either, don’t ever ever give this person a piece of paper to hold or read;
  • don’t give them your original document or Else!!!
  • shout at them to stop! stop! you’ll crease all my hard work!

Or, make sure they don’t get hold of your felt tip pen next.

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