What’s in a leaf?

I have two pots of seedlings these days – dill and clary sage. i love fresh dill, just like to have it around. It smells so good and is such a pretty green color. But all the seedlings are crowded now, and before more time goes by I need to get them out of the crowded pot and into the ground. Many of them will do into the vegetable patch, where we can pick them, basil, cilantro and parsley for salads and stuff.
The clary sage is a different type of a plant. First of all, it’s a bienniel. I won’t even bloom this year. When all is said and done, it will be just a bunch of leaves this season. Next season, it will shoot up and provide a great purple backdrop to some plants in my new border, along with I hope some foxglove and sunflowers that will come back. I normally don’t feel I’m very patient with bienniels, but they do have their merit.
Clary sage is also a very strange-smelling creature. It has lots of character. Just right to join the other characters in my gardens.

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