Not Hippy but Happy

Well, after a day like yesterday we didn’t want to get out too early. So we took our time then got on the bus to the famous Market Street, where there are lots of stores and lots of trolley connections. We got an all day ticket to take a trolley ride up to Fishermen’s Wharf . The great thing is that you can use these tickets all day long and ride all sorts of vehicles – electric, bus, and trolleys. I think that’s great. Not so much even that it is so green here because these things don’t use gas, just electricity but the stops are all over the place. Ok, true there are lots of these disgusting homeless smelly men all over that keep approaching groups of people, tourists, whatever and talking and trying to size them up I guess. Boy do they smell. Not cute.
The trolley ride was the best, it is great to be able to just sit there and see the other cars disappear up and down the hills. It is fun to be almost 90 degrees facing down the hill and be almost sliding off the seat.
But I’ve about had it with people for now.
While we were waiting for our turn, you have to stand on line until one arrives and you are able to board. You can take pictures of when the workers turn the lunky things around. Very touristy. So, we just turned around and took the ride back to Market. We waited and waited for our bus after that, after we got back to the first stop on the trolley. We made one mistake in that our bus which we thought we were supposed to take wasn’t running at that time. We did ask a driver, but I guess we weren’t specific enough and he said, yup it’s running. So much for laid-back Californians.
Next we got on a bus all the way down to Haight-Ashbury. The Haight. I guess I’m about 40 years after the fact – quite an anticlimactic event, I would say.
Walked up, down, had some other travelers, these young girls from Israel or somehting, take our pictures at the famous corner. We saw a crowd at one place, and when we made our way back, we stepped in. It’s called Cha Cha Cha, and I had a roasted pepper and goat-cheese sandwich and Jim had the Jamiaca Jerk Chicken over rice. What a nice place. But there were these wierd voodoo altar like decorations up on the walls. Young place.
Speaking of young, did we really look so dirty and desparate when we were so young? I remember sitting on steps in Greenwich Village along with my runaway friends, but I always went home on the subway and took a shower. Now it’s this punky punkass black clad big shoe dirty looking look that really makes you want to cross the street. When this young child was talking to Jim about being kicked out of CBGB’s in New York, regarding Jim’s t-shirt logo, I wondered if it were because he was too young.
Our lovely lunch was continued at the People’s Cafe, I guess it has some history of some sort. Actually, we used the rest room there. Wait until you see what that looked like!!!
At the bus stop out on the street, a group of young hispanic types, I don’t know if they were Mexicans or just some Banana Republic types, were lounging around gathering numbers and muttering things about getting kicked out of stores. I think it was they were trying to get liquor. They were so young, I figured they would eventually hurt or kill someone. Group frenzy. Angry, stupid and confused dopes from foreign countries. I think in a few years I’ll be stepping over them on my way to the bus if I ever come back here. And don’t let me ever see one of them on my lawn mowing my grass, my dog just might slip out. So drink up while you can. I’m mad at them too, because they threw a plastic piece of shit at a Chinese girl standing with us at the stop.
Wish it wasn’t like that, but I’m glad I don’t have to deal with these morons again, afterI get to my nice safe New Jersey suburbs.
We’re going to rest up for a trip to the trees tomorrow, as planned.



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