A Day at the Beach

We took a ride down to Santa Cruz today – now you’re talking!
We tried to get out of S.F. cleanly, but alas, the roads are quite jumbled for someone who never drove them before, us, and we wound up on an inner road, #280 where we should have gotton right onto Highway 1 down the coast. It was actually a lucky mistake, because it took us through some gorgeous country, albeit rocky and hilly.
We headed west, along this Route 92, only five miles but it was a hilly five. We saw lots of vistas and views with beautiful trees, hills and valleys.
Once we came out on Route 1, we headed south, and got near the cliffs at the beaches all the way down to our destination.
The only thing holding us up was we jumped out of the car at at least three beaches, to take pictures. One of these was a lighthouse, where we saw lots of flowers in bloom, a guy with a panaroma digital SLR who forgot I was standing there and may have wanted a peek after Jim. You’ll see the pictures. Forgot about the binoculars, but there were lots of birds resting on the rocks near the beach.
By and by we got ourselves to Santa Cruz itself, and after messing around with all the one-way streets, figured out that you can park right on the pier and leave the car while you walk around. The farthest point was actually the amusement area, but we were going there anyway on foot.
We walked out to the end of the pier; it seemed like a good enough thing to do, on the right side, and hung out a bit at the end because it was such a nice clear day you could really see on all sides. Then we strolled back along the watery side, and saw some sea lions hanging around in the water. That was the closest I ever came to seeing these moving around and looking around like that. The pier and the area is very environmentally friendly for these and other critters, so the sea lions were right at home so near to us.
We found our restaurant which we looked up on the ‘net, Ideal Bar & Grill, and had a good lunch. I had the salmon over rice and Jim had shrimp & chips. The shrimp were small but no tails, which meant I would have liked to have that, but made out ok because my fish wasn’t fried.
We strolled down to the amusement area after that, and it was still pretty cool, but it was nice not to have to wear a sweater for once. We got to the end, took pictures of the rides and people, and then stopped for ice cream. I love to have a dipped cone, but it is always so sloppy.
We made our way to an opening onto the beach to catch a performance of the Moscow Circus, sort of an entertainment troupe like Cirque de’ Soleil only older. These young people were amazing, but we could only sit for so long through these acts where they just got themselves into all sorts of poses, mostly with the guys holding up the girls while they contorted themselves into human pretzels.
Nice ride back, all the way up Highway 1 until we got back into town and had to navigate the twisted hard to understand signage while crazy Californian drivers tried to tailgate us and prevent us from changing lanes on the street.
Back at the house, we managed to back the car in properly, and tried unsuccessfully to copy my hundreds of pictures onto a disk with a neighbor. No big deal.
Actually, the keyboard feels a bit better. My touch is heavy anyway, maybe I knocked the connections back into place.
See ya,


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