Off to the Trees!

Today we set off northward, traveling up through a main street called Van Ness which turned into Route 101 which in turn brought us over the Golden Gate Bridge and off to Marin County, seat of the richest community in this state.
It was a gloriously scenic ride, with some exciting sights. Such as the road disappearing off the front of the car, or Jim looking straight ahead through the side windows. Yup. Been a while since I remembered being on such a road when as a kid I traveled cross-country with my girlfriend.
Jim was amazed at this. Cliffs with no guardrails. People driving right down the hill fast as can be. We went slow…
Got up to Muir Woods after taking the left instead of the right up the hill. Took a short detour to the beach area, and decided soon after to just turn around when it felt safe. That’s ok. There were even more cliffs and open roads there, too. Actually, we were watching the traffic ahead of us before we turned. Some idiot was honking at the car atthe front of our caravan, I guess they wanted to speed ahead?
Once we got there, it is officially the weekend and two of the parking lots we tried were already full. We wound up again going way out of our way, and parked on the side of the road. We had to walk quite a ways just to get to the pay area for the park.
Once inside, though, it was as lovely and quiet and primal as it could get. All along the board path, were these humungous trees, all stately and green and pretty. Lots of signs and signposts, so we had this trail map which was also great.
We walked along one path, which was pretty low and straight, then climbed up the hill for the walk back, which was quite wild. Now we were walking on the same cliff type of thing as the car. It got so you said hello to anyone who passed you. All ages, and all groups, from families to loners.
Once we did our walk, I would say about an hour, we got back to the car and headed back up the hill, steep cliffy road and headed to town. Even though it was still a bit early, around 2 or so, we didn’t care. I beleive we never dealt with jet lag, because we actually fall asleep exhausted every night early.
We were getting pretty hungry, too. We needed some snacks and stuff for the house, so we stopped at a 7Eleven and got some chips and soup. Then we were still worrying about eating, maybe before heading over the bridge, and came up on this restaurant, literally on the entrance to the freeway we wanted, called the Buckeye Roadhouse. What a classy place!
Valet parking, supposedly 4 stars from Zagat, great. I had the mahi tuna salad and Jim had a steak. For an appetizer, we had these onion rings, very messy but good and fun. My drink was of a pink hue, and contained gin. Very delicious!
We decided that for the price we would have spent on a tour bus, and I can’t figure out how those huge buses traversed those mountain roads, we got a tour, lots of picture opportunities, a great lunch and money left over to spend on junk.

Talk to you soon,


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