Just Messing Around…and Around

Today was probably my favorite thing. It was something I like to do, stop in a lot of different places, but I know I can’t do too much of that anymore; I lack the stamina.
We got on our favorite bus today, and made our way all the way to Market Street area, and on to North Beach after a walk through Union Square. All of these are different areas, with different types of stores, some funky some very upscale. For instance, there was no reason we should want to go through Macy’s; we’d seen the one in NYC so why do that! Mostly, anyway.
We walked and walked, and made our way to the famous ChinaTown. Now, it may be the biggest one of all, and it was huge indeed. But was it the cleanest or the friendliest? I don’t know. I found a bunch of little cute as buttons welcome cats, and bought them, and we got little figurines for Kathy’s kids. I found something I never saw before – chopstick rests, and they are cute. So I got one for me and one as a gift at some point. Instead of souveniers, I like the idea of saving something until someone needs a gift, and then using it, because it would have a more interesting story.
Waiting for the bus again, in ChinaTown, I began to notice the stuff I was hoping not to see. Dried animal parts in big bins, trucks loaded with signs that said Live Fish(Doomed Fish). I mean, I never saw a Chinese ever be kind to an animal ever. Eat them, hang them upside down, splay them, flay them, skin them, roast them after impaling them yes, but never being nice to them.
So, we jumped on the bus north out of there, and headed towards Little Italy. Now that was familiar territory. We stopped at a place called Volare, and I had some gnocchi with some creamy pesto sauce, I thought it was heavenly. I had some Pinot Grigio with it, and even got to say grazie to the waiter.
It was Sicilian based, so the Italian was great to hear.
We stuck up a conversation with a couple next to us, (with Jim around that is almost inevitable), who were locals. They told us that there were some dessert and espresso places around, but when we got out, we headed the other way. Jim’s idea was to get over to Ghirardelli Plaza, so there we rode.
Wow, did I ever eat a lot of chocolate. Highlight, was getting our picture taken by a woman with a bunch of kids from a bible camp. They were from South Carolina, and started to hand out these pamphlets. I guess they we3re Baptist. As a devout Pagan Unitarian/Universalist, it is too late for me to really get into these cartoons of a guy looking at a cliff and waiting for God to somehow get him to the other side. Cute, but Cinderella rode in a pumpkin until midnight and had singing sewing mice helping her get ready for the ball. So we left there, and the other highlight was the bathroom situation.
The bathrooms were located an elevator ride down two stories, and the line was way long. The men’s room wasn’t that bad; the guys were in and out, until someone stunk it up and they were asking the guys to shut the door. Funny. That’s when we discovered that Jim had left his cell phone at the house, because I called to tell him I was ascending once again into the daylight…left a message.
We bumped into Jack’s a bar along the main street at the Wharf, and I had some wheat beer from northern California, and Jim had a coke. That was cool, and we left and came on back.
It was really a fun full day and we’re going to relax now and rest up. Now we are a bit more confident and braver and are going to try really local Mission Street stuff tomorrow.
Pictures are adding up. I have over 500 and can’t even fill up my memory card.



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