Farewell to SF

This is it – no more blogs for now, I’m signing off and will pick up again soon enough.
We walked again today, into the heart of the Mission, and it was all good. There’s a park there called Dolores Park, where people walk dogs and there are no benches, it is obvious that there can’t be benches, otherwise the bums would be all over them, living on and under them.
But the dogs were cute. At least the ones that weren’t owned by irresponsible idiots.
We actually ate at a taqueria called El Toro, where the word taqueria means just Mexican food. It was good, and really cheap. I had this burrito filled with cheese, beans, rice, no lard. They actually had a vegetarian menu, but nobody spoke English behind the counter. I barely understood what they were asking me. But at least the hot sauce was good at the table. Jim had a giant platter of lots of different kinds of meats – asado chicken, beef and shrimp.
We had our coffee at the Dolores Park Cafe, but it turned out that because it’s Sunday probably, everyone is linijng up to get into places, whether they are coffee shops, or restaurants.
The problem was getting there by foot you have to go through this seedy neighborhood, where the Spanish just have dominated. I liked one sign I saw that mentioned Jam as one of its outside menu choices. It took awhile to figure out it meant HAM where the J is an H sound. Oh, like Jesus? Once in a while you would see a young white person, probably from a nearby hostel, walking around with a full backpack. But otherwise you might see a Mariachi band on their way to work at one of the taquerias. I would have liked to have more Mexican food, but there is no more time,and my stomach can’t hold any more. I am ready to leave.
In fact, after the kind neighbor downstairs let us print out our boarding passes, we got the car out one last time because we simply can’t deal with walking any more,and we headed to a famous Indian pizza place that we were told about,finally. Outside was a sign that said Indian Meat. Would that be Asian or American, sir?
Well it figures it was closed, and we got back in the car and stopped at a Pizza Hut and that was our last meal. Actually,it was greasy and very very good. The best thing the place had going for it was its own parking lot with no cars in it, just a pigeon or two nestling into the warm ground.
So we end our vacation, tired but full of new sights and experiences. I will be writing more but will need to unpack,and, oh of course find my cat first when I get home tomorrow.

till then,

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