New Ropes

I am a prisoner of technology. I can’t go two feet without using some device or something that didn’t even exist maybe five years ago. What I mean is that over the past 10 years, and I know that because that’s the time that I left working in the City, I’ve been slowly but surely gathering wires, ports, all sorts of stuff to do my daily chores. I work on a computer all day long. I use it when I wake up in the morning to check my email. Not I, of course, but my friends and acquaintances are awake all nite writing to little ol’ moí. That’s fine, except that I log on to a network as soon as I get to work to bypass the boss’ inquiries as to whether or not I got their email.

Then I spend the entire day at work teaching others to do what I do. But in their case it makes sense, because they are going to look for a job, something I hope to heaven that I never ever have to do again in my entire life.

Home after the job for the day is done, I again log on to my home network which I am so proud of, and begin the sequence again. Throughout my ride home in the car, I’m listening to music activated by a laser beam, and using a cell phone via wireless Bluetooth. How much more can I be into this?

So I was also proud that Jim bought a computer online all by himself, to update his equipment and use eBay even more than he does now. Only thing, I have to convince him to sit and get a lesson on Vista, and then I have to figure out how to recreate my nice little network from one side of the room to the other.

All in all, it’s a technical world. All this is not going away, and I intend to ride right along.

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