So you THINK you can Blog!

Just messing around here, thinking about what I can do to stay busy. This is one of those days when everyone is just kind of drifting off into their own thoughts and their own desires.
It’s that darn Internet!
How can people be sitting at a desk at a super-speed networked computer just asking to be used and abused. So there ya go.
My weekend is going to be another dreadful get up get dressed and go somewhere and be with a bunch of people. I will remember to update my garden blog. Just the kind of season I really don’t want to be out there in the heat and humidity that we have right now. Even a cold glass of something quickly becomes a watery slippery sweaty thing.
I can say something good, though. i did remember to apply my Bullfrog brand sunscreen and bug repellent and was just about beaming when I heard that notorious buzz around my head yet felt no impact, no sting. the bug just when I thought I was a protein donor, the buzzing stopped. Oh, happy day.

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