Brouhaha in OG

Here is something i submitted to a website I came across:

Why doesn’t everyone just calm down and get over the homophobic behavior.
It is wrong to use religion to oppress others. To use the boardwalk for this ceremony is not to convert the universe to some “lifestyle” How can a loving family defile nature’s beauty?
The real sin is in those who are throwing all the stones.
The couple want to be in sight of the waters. Should the couple perhaps prove they can walk on water first?

Actually, it gets me crazy when this sort of thing goes on. The sensible thing would be to just stand next to the pavilion and do the ceremony. That would drive the nutty people who are over in the grass living in tents, to drink. Oh, that’s right. you can’t have a drink up there in Ocean Grave. Gods forbid!!!!

I get a kick out of the bible-quoters, too. This stuff was interpreted in Paul’s case, from the ancient Greek. What the hell! This guy’s been dead for over 1,000 years. Who the hell cares what he thought!

Give me a break. Either let them pay the fees and get the paper so they can celebrate their love for each other and be assured of the legal rights any other couple can have here in this great state, or take a dip in the waves. I think anyone who can walk on the water should be able to say what to do, but I pray it will be resolved in some way that’s fair to all.

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