Keeping Score

Hi, I know someone who has three (count ’em) siblings, none of whom is speaking to the others at one time or another. They are all middle-aged, pretty much in the same demographic; working people who all should know better.

It seems every time the one of them who is the only one to deal with all of them and that by conscious choice, has contact, there is some disaster or secret going on that none of the others are supposed to know about. Did anyone say communication?

So I’ve created a scorecard below, so that those of us who know people who have to endure endless tearful phone conversations, endless nasty emails and endless explanations of why the past happened.

[your name here] Family Communication Chart








Son has flunked math for the 9th time. May have to repeat school year.

Archie, Veronica

Mom, Dad, Aunt Marie



There has been a downsizing at Veronica’s husband’s job and they are going to lose the house

Veronica, Mom, MaryLou


See? So when your friend gets a phone call, now they can launch the table (a shortcut can be created on their desktop) and using key words, figure out what they can include as part of their conversation.

This table will be handy for holidays, weddings, parties, family barbeques. I can’t understand why I didn’t think of it before. Please contact me for a copy.

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