Back again, and better than ever, Gio and Jim are on the way to Nevada, the good ol’ desert, as of tomorrow, Sunday!

Fresh in from ‘frisco (sorry to all you S.F.’ns who hate that), they are on the road again.

We’ll be communicating here,as we are reunited with grandie Bella, and her new dog, Dolce. Daughter Chris is also joining us and for that I am very excited.

Part of my personal hell is getting packed. While I love to take extra stuff, and know that there are porters and staff all along the way whose only interest is in helping me push, lift, load and generally shimmy about, Jim is intent on being creative. Like his insistence on carrying along an extra plug so he can plug in extra toys. Like the one cell phone. (!) The last time I looked, there were plugs a plenty in the room, especially a Sheraton hotel, but oh, well. Turns out his experience going cross country last year is the reason. But then he was staying wherever they took him in, and lucky to find something at that.

Well, gotta go vaccuum.

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