A First Look at the Miracle Mile

As you can see, we rolled into town without much of an incident. OK, the plane ride was a bit bumpy…there was turbulence, but nothing like that going on in my head, what is that awful shaking, and why is everyone’s head bobbing in unison? Along with the fellow to my left, who would not tell me the horror story he had, when he said he was a pilot…oh, well. In a couple of hours, he would be on his way and us on ours, so it didn’t matter.

What matters is that we got to see Bella!

She has grown so much, and is just like a little lady. Oh, it was nice to see Abby and John and their new dog, Dolce. Actually, nothing like a nice dog to make your day brighter, and in Las Vegas, the sun does the job.

Thank goodness for Abby! Here’s what you eat on Continental…a meat something between bread, and salad with this greasy dressing. I switch with Jim, and have to ingest this horrible meal, that doesn’t make any sense. So Abby had some food, a delicioso tortellini salad, which made my stomach say thanks.

After that, we got to the hotel, crashed and tried to rest. I couldn’t rest, because I get so keyed up over all this. The room is pretty nice, big beds, a view of the construction across the street. You can catch more of this on my picture pages. (Go to Gio on the Go album.)
We went back to Planet Hollywood to get some dinner…

The rest of Sunday is quite tame, if you consider a giant buffet at the hotel a tame thing. We had started out with Bella and Abby and John for PF Chang’s because it seemed good enough, in our hotel. But when we got there, after marching poor Bella through the entire casino, probably maybe 3 or 4 miles we approached the hostess only to find that there was a 1 and a half hour wait!!! We immediately turned around, Bella in hand, and walked away from all the would-be noodle chompers and looked for an alternative.
A little on, we found the old Spice Market, which was there when the hotel was the Aladdin, and had an Eastern if somewhat Islamic, theme. It still is the Spice Market, and based on our earlier culinary pleasures there, we thought it might suffice.
So we found a great table, and appetite in hand, made our way to the various buffet lines. I decided to split from Bella and went to the grape leaves, being reasonably assure they were meatless. Not leafless.
Three plates (but no desserts) later, we left. Although it would have been tempting to stop for a final drink before getting up to the room, I opted out, fearing a total diabetic coma should I ingest one more ounce of alcohol.

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