Bella’s New BuildABear

We took Bella to the Build a Bear shop in the Planet Hollywood. It was very cute. As you can see, she had a ball, picking out and dressing up her new friend, Lisa.

What they do, is take the child through the process of building up a stuffed animal from picking out the form to dressing it up and getting a birth certificate for it at the end. For Bella, she wanted a pink something. Since Bobbi was the one with the request to buy her something as a gift, we thought a pink color was good, since they didn’t have a pink ribbon for cancer bear available at the store. That was OK; the intention was the same. So Bella picked out this pink cat princess thing, and the next step was to pick out the innards. A heart that you have to make a wish on, and a sound. Bella kind of knew what to do; her friends must have done that as well.
The best part for me was the stuffing thing. I felt like that doll with all the food we were eating every meal. The doll is held up to a tube and stuffing is blown all the way down to its feet. Very cute.
Bella kept adding one more thing, and as the things multiplied, so did the price tag. But it is all worth it. Just imagine having to do this with more than one kid. Places like the BuildABear Workshop make me think how great it is to have only one kid to worry
about. These days it’s difficult to spread it around.
Bella got to march around with her box of toy, and people got to gawk and tell her about their own grandkids. It was nice.

Of course, the day had hardly begun. Christina was almost there, driving from early morning from San Diego to an appointment at David’s Bridal in LV for both her and Bella’s dress for Chris’ wedding in May. We handed her off to Chris and Abby, and planned to meet them later on. Or at least Chris, who was planning to get together with brothers Paul and Dom who live nearby also.

That left Jim and me on the strip, hungry and in need of sustenance. We saw the Harley-Davidson Cafe right next to the hotel, so we went there. What a wild place. I like to watch people come in, wonder what the draw is. For us it was a young place which would be rock and roll, alive. Luckily, the food was good too.

People who came in were sometimes just the middle westerners past their prime. The men looked and acted like they just came off the tractor. The women were so fat I can’t believe the planes could get off the ground. Or you get these leather-bound ones with the tattoos in weird places. There are also lots of conventioneers all around. Some wear ID tags and some carry notepads. But lots of them are drunk, and their conversations are really funny, making me happy I’m on vacation and not working too. A couple of guys at a table next to ours were actually cheering the motorcycles that were being rotated around the ceiling. The pictures can maybe show it better than I can describe it. You’ll have to check them out at my photo site.

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