Coffee and Motorcycles

On the Morning after, here in Las Vegas the idea is to Do Stuff. So we thought the first thing we should “Do” is to find breakfast!

The hotel is so huge and ginormous (Bella’s favorite word), that it is nearly impossible to get back to any store or service you want at the time. I’m not kidding. It is truly an attempt to pave over the desert. Literally hundreds of acres have been transformed into an oasis of spending and buying. Instead of coyotes and road runners, you have cowboys and Midwesterners browsing and hunting all day long. Well, the desert never deserted (haha) its plan to blaze in the sun, blow dust and bake in general, but some real estate developer did!

We settled on a place called Coffee Bean, which serves coffee. Just in case it was unclear…we don’t have these back East, but here they are in every hotel it seems. Go figure. I asked for flavored coffee, having a craving to satisfy, and our server in her most helpful and professional manner, proffered a bag of coffee beans and stated that there was none as yet, but she would hand brew it. At which I blurted REGULAR!!! Even though it was friggin‘ 7 o’clock in the morning in Las Vegas, when were they planning to brew up the menu? Did she keep that bag nearby and tell all the tourists that she had to hand-brew a separate pot? Why not? Less work!

Shower, clean up, pack up, don Frankensteinian shoes, and off to meet our Bella.

We enjoyed every last second of being with Bella, and you can see form the pictures, that she also had a good time walking with her nutso grandparents along the Strip. She is quite knowledgeable about her city, but still I’m sure wonders about this upside down place where the outside looks like the inside and the inside looks alike the outside. I mean, there is no rain, humidity and temperature are pretty much the same every day, actually it is colder inside the hotels, which often as not have building facades, sky paintings along the corridors. It is pretty darn amazing at that.
Bella was eventually collected by Abby, who was in town for an appointment, when she was done. Thanks goodness for cell phones. Without them, we would have been lost in this place, not able to pinpoint any locations or get together if we were apart. Jim and I went looking for someplace to eat lunch, kind of hold us over until Christina came driving in from San Diego. Her mission was to get Bella a dress for the upcoming wedding of Chris and Mike next May in California. While we waited, we got back near the hotel, and there is a Harley Davidson cafe there. Sounds good.



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