Park, Presbyterians and Pizza

Wednesday may have been the ultimate family day for us. We started out taking Bella after Abby & John left for work, to Springs Preserve, a new child-friendly interactive park devoted to the history of the area with exhibits, both live and made up.
It was pretty impressive. Lots of stuff for kids, including a climbing thing that Bella wouldn’t rest until she went into it.
I saw my first live Recluse Spider and Black Widow Spider, a real Gila Monster. All the small critters were behind this glass that didn’t even reflect with a flash camera. It was great; I never really get close to these critters let alone photograph them.

We also ate there. Bella and I devastated an adult and a child-sized pizza. Jim had a hamburger.
We went back to the house, and waited until Abby got back. Bella had to rehearse a song for the children’s choir at their church, a Presbyterian congregation nearby. there were about eight little ones; they were so cute. The folks there were very friendly and outgoing. One thing, the song,
God is Good was rendered in Country! I had never heard a hymn done in this style, it was certainly interesting. Well, we were in Country central, Las Vegas cowboy country, go figure.
After the church, we got some pizza from this new place called
Verrazano. If you go to the links, you can read some good reviews. We also got a calzone, all of this stuff was really good with some pumpkin ale and just hanging out together watching a Tivo’d repeat of Weeds, well, it was one family evening I will remember for a long time.

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