HO HO HO you Turkey!

Let’s get this straight – Santa Claus, who has somehow become inextricably linked with this Christmas thing, is now being told not to mention the word “ho.” Ok. I can live with that. It seems that this word is an ancient word, a word that was used maybe in a poem or something during a time when a scientist or a parent would say, “Ho! And away!” to express a boisterous joy and happiness. However, thanks to the hip hop industry, it has become a neo-English term for WHORE, and guess what – people are calling women that, to replace terms like BITCH, which is now being used as a mild put-down for both men and women. BEEEEEEEEAAAAAATCH!!!!

Now for the turkey. Remember I guess guys would use the term to mean someone who just couldn’t get off the ground, a clumsy person who although they try, only manages to lumber along quite failingly. That is what a turkey is.

It is also the choice meat for dinner on great big giant ho holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. So why not straighten that out, too. Call it what it is, kids. It’s a dead bird. It is actually a premeditated murdered bird. It was born to die. It was born to not have a real happy life. It died young. It never had kids. Or a spouse. It is dead, dead, dead.

I want to call dinner fare the deceased bird on a plate.

So we have a ha ha dead bird to deal with this year. Kids, don’t worry. Let’s think how to get around Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

Here is a link to where Santa Claus came from:

This is written by a vegetarian pagan. A veritable harridan when it comes to stating my opinions!

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