Another Day of Holiday

Bored with the routine? I guess we all are as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. It has been true throughout history that people celebrate now at the darkest time of the year. For come tomorrow, the days will begin to lenghthen, and by February we’ll be commuting in the daylight once again.

For me, every year gives me a worse case of the doldrums, olr SAD. I guess I don’t want to admit it but my system has a hard time adjusting to darkness. If by this point, you haven’t succumbed to this dreadful disorder, you are actually not normal. Ji think it is normal to feel a loss when the days are almost non-existent. But, we plug on doing our daily routines as if nothing has changed. How SAD.

But that is a story for another, dark day.

Right now, Jim and I are busy enjoying all the holiday preparations. This is difficult, not having our granddaughter around. There is no tree, there are no wrapped gifts, no gifts hidden around the house. Just us, a couple of candles, and our pets. If we didn’t tell anyone, no one would ever know we don’t put up a christjmas gtree. It’s just as well. When you have to decorate the house, you have to do the un-decorating at the end of that. And that is very annoying. Putting aside time when you could h ave jjust been hanging out to reverse all your energy spent on the home. It is one bit irony.

Today is just as gray and gloomy as yesterday. We are on our way to north jersey to visit with family. It will be fun.


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