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Finally, 2008 is here – I had dreaded the onset of this “time” forever, it seems. I could not imagine what life, what I would be like so far in the future, when I was conscious of this at all in the mid-1950’s.
Whenever I think back to that time, when I was living in the last century, so steeped in the present, I feel a twinge of “if only…” Then I pull my thoughts together, and say, well, that’s done; there’s nothing you can do but look forward.
The big regret I have nowadays, so far from that little child I was, is I feel so badly for children being born now, and maybe in the next 10 years. They are really going to feel the brunt of this total relentless devastation to our planet, and to plans for any future at all.
Whatever can be done now on an economic or environmental level to help defray death and destruction too soon, has to be done.
Then the children who will look back on the front of this century won’t have to say “if only…”

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