What It’s Reeeeeeelllly Like

ok, you wanted to know what teaching adults is really like. It goes like theis. A smelly, dirty and sloppy adult will be there, and we will have given him or her a pen, a highlighter, a notebook, and a textbook. They plop the whole thihg on a desk and you sit there and explain that they have to do this or that in order to successfully complete the program theat they are in.
And that’s what they do. They just sit there.Let’s say you tell them “:now on every morning at 10 o’clock there is a printout of a report that has to be done. In their materials that you have handed them in addition to the pencil, notebook, textbook and highlighter, they now have a folder with step-by-step instructions to do something that they will be doing over andover again for about four to six months.
What are they thinking? “mom is sick. Child is sick. Dog is sick. Car is sick. House is cold. It’s hot in here. When can I smoke. When can i use my text on my phone. Why aren’t they calling me. Where’s my baby daddy (or mommy). Where is my food. Where is my coffee. I need sleep. I have a cough/cold/sinus/migraine that lasts for 2-4 months at a time/gas/hunger/the plague. dysentery. blindness”

and then 10 minutes later they are asking, gee, how do i do this?
of course the notebook was never opened. The textbook was never highlighted.
But…the cigarette pack was used, smoke has been inhaled.
all is well with the world.
are people just born stupid or is this the result of years and years of undoing intelligence that we are born with?

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