Gio gets tecchy

For a long time I had been dealing with a machine that was slowing down considerably. It had gotten to a point where I had to wait so long for a single diaglog box to open, I literally forgot what I was doing. I knew I had a good warranty with Dell, and arranged for them to walk me through a reformat of my C drive.
However, Dell had a better idea. They took my machine back in time to day 1. Apparently, anyone with a Dell machine can access this great restore feature, with some help.
After reboot, I loaded my most important programs back onto the C drive, i.e., Microsoft Office Pro, and off I went.
The only problem was that other programs, the ones that I mostly downloaded from the Internet, are housed on a backup drive, G. They were available by clicking on their *.exe icon, but I wanted them back on the Start Menu where they are easy to track. Nor were they in my Add and Remove Programs part of the Control Panel.
So, I went about uninstalling where I could find an uninstall link, and deleting because, well, I wasn’t concerned about shared files at this point.
Once reinstalled, the programs appeared where they should, along with their uninstall icons, and I was happy.
The only casuality of this was one of my Corel applications, Painter Essentials 4, one that I am particularly worried about. Neither my handwritten key nor the one on the Corel website where I registered the software, will be accepted by them. Hell! I am so mad about this. If you pay for something, you should be able to use it, where you were using it before. But, time will tell.
My new rules are: no more downloading. No more programs that duplicate what I already do. For instance, I re-downloaded my favorite video software, Photoshow Producer from Photodex. But not the Photoshow Gold that I upgraded from. There is no need to have both programs, as Producer does some more stuff better.
I’m set to go for another few years, and happy with Dell for putting out such a good product and having such knowledgeable support people.

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