What Goes Up

We have made it to Las Vegas, and are enjoying some family time. Pizza, wine, all the amenities of home!

On the plane, don’t you think there was a man next to me, one of the half of the plane that whipped out laptops when the bell rang, who was having a heck of a time with a table in Word. I just had to say something. I helped him figure out that no, you can’t join up two tables, and you had to use all the properties dialog boxes to get the text to behave itself.

Turns out he was not used to using the Table Menu, and was having all the trouble with over-formatting. I wondered if he had an assistant who could have done the job. The version of Word was 2000, and I can’t believe how miserable that version is. There was no format painter. There was no task pane. All the shortcuts I’ve been used to for the past eight years were missing. It made me appreciate my own version. When I whipped up my agenda for my workshop, and started to play around in PowerPoint, Jim tried to tell me that I had exposed my name and email to my partner there.

I thought it was funny, that people could actually hint around and communicate with these machines if they wanted to. They probably do that all the time. But that was the flight, and that was then.

Here at the house, the weather is dry dry dry. The temps are about 90 they say, but it is cool in the house and outside the wind is pleasant. So it is true that even though it gets up there in the temperature, you don’t feel it because it isn’t humid.

But that ain’t the real problem. The truth is, once you start to acclimate to the higher temps and lower humidity, it’s time to leave. So it’s a losing battle.

Tomorrow we’ll just be hanging around the house, getting stuff ready for the trip to San Diego. I haven’t been able to hook up my laptop as yet.

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