Movin Right Along

Thursday was a really nice day. We got up and had a leisurely time just having breakfast and planning for the day. It seems that there is so much to catch up on; every minute is rewarding when you’re with family.

We finally decided to take a ride to see where john works. This resort is similar to the one we’re headed for tomorrow. After our tour, we took this picture. One thing is true about this kind of work, it is reallybusy. And we are very proud of John and how he has become successful here in LV.

We were hungry again, and there were plenty of places to stop for a bite. We chose Steiner’s, a local hangout with lots of atmosphere. The food is basic American; burgers, pasta. I had a tuna(!) sandwich with a salad. Then, back to Bella’s house to await her and Abby’s return from school and work. The fun part of the return was driving through the Strip. Seeing all the hotels, and the state of many of the construction proects, new and ongoing.The whole area seems to be under construction. That’s right. The desert is under construction, literally.

I guess the past weeks, with all the stress of dealing with my back out and sciata and preparing for the trip had caught up with me. It was time, I decided, to take a long long nap. So I literally slept the afternoon away. Until the return of Bella and Abby, and then the frenzy of packing can begin.

We had tentative plans to meet Paul for dinner, so Jim and I took a ride ourselves to go out. We went to Famous Dave’s BBQ. This place is so good, supposedly, a hefty claim. I had, you guessed it, another salad. Caeser with smoked salmon, very good. And a yummy frozen mango margarita. Dinner, drink, then we dropped paul back and headed home. By this time, I was so tired, Jim and I just slept through the night. More tomorrow!


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