A Ride Through the Desert

We headed for Chris’ rehearsal events and our own hotel on Friday early a.m. To do that, we had to drive west from Las Vegas to California. It was actually fun – we were in a great little SUV, had air conditioning running full blast, and lots of drinks and snacks. We also stopped along the way at some fast food places, conveniently spaced along the long, long, winding roads.

When we got to our hotel, which was really a resort in Dana Point, CA, the Riviera Resorts, it was a bit early, of course. We decided to just drive down to San Diego and catch up with Chris and the rest of the family for the rehearsal events.

So off we went, this time south along beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. Cool road, full of sights and views of the ocean. Pacific, that is.

Once we got to Chris’ hotel, we formed our caravan and went on to Balboa Park, in San Diego nearby. It was a bit hard to find, well, we are out-of-towners, after all. Even though the park is like Central Park is to NYC.

A few outtakes later, we headed to the local shore area, another big park area, for a restaurant called Buster’s Long Board. Some sort of seashore seaside surfer theme. The walk was long, the wait was long, and I can’t say the food was great. With all the walking in the heat, I had all but lost my appetite. But, all was well. It was a great family event, and we all enjoyed being together.

After dinner, back to our hotel, and we settled in for the night, John, Abby, Bella and Jim and I. Let the games begin!!!!

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