Happily Ever After

The wedding – aaaaah, romance in the air; family and friends gather to honor and celebrate the love. You could feel the love man. It was certainly in the air, as we ran like crazy setting up the last-minute stuff. Abby and Bella helped out with the room, Jim and I kept watch over the set up down at the chapel.
You knew it was final when Mike arrived, and when they put up the sign not to enter as a wedding was in progress. Wow!
It really was a nice ceremony. The bride and groom then “departed” to join us upstairs in the
banquet room.

The party was fun, with lots of good music and dancing. And a great meal, served with aplomb by nicely dressed waitstaff. We just hung out for a few hours, and then started to leave.
Jim and I took the opportunity of the early day to visit with nephew and family, Jim and Linh and Jo’s former guitar, which is now in the capable hands of Chris. Randy also was there, and it was great seeing the family athlete, musician and all the talent that there is to offer.
After a private concert, we headed off to Dana Point where our hotel is and joined up with Abby and John and Bella, who had also taken the extra time to shop for food and stuff for the room.
It was a great day – you can see the entire video on my Photodex pages; link on another entry here.


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