A Host o’ Hostas

Hostas are definitely the most wonderful plants! They return every year, bigger and brighter than ever, they offer sometimes exquisitely fragrant flowers in late summer. They withstand neglect with watering, although not all of them like sun (you need to research this before planting them out). They clean up nice – when the frost comes, they die back neatly until spring, with no messy brown sticks to speak of.
There are so many kinds of this plant, I spend hours going over the details in plant catalogs and pick out ones I never had before.
As you can see from the first picture, they make
great groupings and clumps in the garden.
The front one is green but not as big as the blue one at the far end.
The blue is waist-high when done, and grows out some really huge flowers. Because of its size, it will make an interesting filler somewhere else; I plan to divide it again in the spring.
The middle picture shows a species hosta, which tips the other side of my front garden. This has fragrant flowers, and has become sort of huge also over the years. It also covers the area, and
prevents almost anything from growing, acting as a ground cover that’s foolproof.
Lastly, a cutting from a gift I gave Mom many years ago in Brooklyn. I have some cuttings elsewhere, but this one is happy under my redbud tree at the side of the house in the South garden. It is green with blue edging, and a bit young. I planted it last year and it seems happy with some watering and some fertilizer. I am looking forward to its reaching a bigger size. Wen I leave the house in the morning, I can look back and see it way in the yard.
They sure look great!
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