Birds of a Feather – or Petal

You can see that my climbing rose is living up to its name. Ever since we moved it to a less-used side of the house, which also happens to be the South side, it has grown quite a bit. Aside from the hesitancy I may feel in cutting off the canes, it has to be cut at some point to allow more new canes to develop.
In the meantime, it has decided to produce the sweet-smelling large blooms you can see just starting here.
In addition to the beautiful flowers, we discovered a cardinal nest butted up against the side of the house, inside the trellis. It is not too high off the ground, but is safe from Ozzy, who visits underneath and tries to figure out how to climb this daunting trellis without getting ripped to shreds.
So for now the baby birds are safe, and mom can scream and complain; no one is going near the nest until well, never.
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