I’m politically confused for sure now!

Let me see…Hillary lost the Democratic nomination. I really started to like her personality, although I’m always very vague on her accomplishments. It’s just not my style to be very erudite about political issues.
I do know one thing, though, man. You can’t fool me by picking a woman to run for Veep, McCain my fellow.
Please enlighten me how a woman who from what I can read, has not done very much except for running a town of 7,000 or so people up there in Alaska, can run this country.
I know many people who are more qualified than this woman and we are all sitting around wondering what is this Republican candidate thinking…

One thing I am sure of. She is a scary conservative unwomanly person who is opposed to equal rights, women’s right to abortion, calling it marriage(!) and a member of the scariest denomination I ever heard of the Assemblies of God. Wow!

I plan to watch all this very closely and continue to read opinions. Keep it clean.

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