Mean Cuisine – the food everyone else eats

Just a note that as I’m sitting here watching this show on NYC network about this guy who travels all over the world describing his experiences. Well, here he is today in Cambodia. Naturally, he is trying out the local cuisine. It brought back memories of my one trip to the Bahamas, my one excursion to the Caribbean.

One of the critters that the people would enjoy eating is the land crab. In Cambodia, same idea. To store the critters, they pull the legs off. As I rose the laptop to my eye level, I could hear the pleasantly-English-accented host say “oh there are the ones without the legs” and heck, if it didn’t bring back the frantic critters laying there waving blank spaces with eyes swiveling around to see us…I didn’t see it but I heard it and I didn’t want to.

Such are the travails of an empath. Can’t help it.

Another scene was the place where he was dining on bat soup. A pretty Cambodian girl came up to the camera holding a huge bat, whose wing had a big hole in it. I guess it couldl still fly, unless they had hit it with a Cambodian rock before filming it.

Oh, boy.

I can only call this mean cuisine. I can understand that when you are starving, or have a history of starving, your food traditions will always contain such horrors for the critters eaten or about to be eaten, and not much is thought about it.

In a spirit of compassion, I hope all the critters’ passing is easy, although the end of their lives wasn’t.

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