Keeping Abreast 1 – It goes on and on

This is the end of something and the definite beginning of another. Today I got a diagnosis of breast cancer, completely unexpected but it happened nonetheless.

What were my first reactions? Well, first of all, I was at work, sitting in an unoccupied corner of a classroom, when the radiologist told me that it was bad news. She had done a stereotactic biopsy last Friday, and I spend all of Tuesday and calling them for my results. It is hard to sit and sit and try to work and do things with friends and family knowing that this was a chance to happen. That the chances that the results were nothing at all to worry about were more likely. That is the normal premise. These tests usually result in no problems. But then again there are the statistics. I am one of thse statistics, now.

My heart started beating and I think I turned white. I went into my boss’ office and two coworkers were there on a break. The boss was not there, but would be back soon. I made it clear that among my friends at work, it is ok to talk about this. I don’t want the students to know anything, since it’s none of their business. There is no end to the amount of meetings and responsibilities that I have to cancel or move around. I left the job then, and got in my car and called jimmy. His job was to call the referred surgeon while I drove home. I called and cancelled the other surgery that I was schedulef for up to that point.

See, I was about to be operated on for a spinal lcompression. Something that has been plaguing me for a couple of years, now. Finally, I had some definiteive tests and was going to be taken care of next week. This breas thing was just incidental, it was found on a routine mammogram. That is how it should be, actually, so that you can catch anything early as possible and have the best possible outcome.

So, I’m looking at the bright side. Although I’ll get back to the back problem at some point, it is not life-threatening, only debilitating. The breast problem needs to be addressed, and quickly. I have all my pre-op testing already done at riverview, and will hopefully be able to transfer the tests to the new doctor.

So, why isn’t he calleing already?

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