Keeping Abreast 2 – Why what a tragic affair

This weekend was one of holding off my entire life. So much has to do with so many things. Foremost, how do I handle waiting to see the people I need to see to make decisions I have to make with the people I need to make them with!

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful support system. As I talk about this to close family, friends, and my medics, I’m finding such concern. Not to mention revelations about other people’s experiences with this problem.

I had no idea that this cancer was so prevalent. I won’t say “common” but it’s truly an epidemic. And nobody knows how or why it happens. Perhaps we are just able to detect things at such an early stage. I never even heard of this many years ago.

Memories are also reoccuring, from working with the breast surgeon many years ago, to even conversations I have had those many years ago.

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