Keeping Abreast 3 – The Letter A

Time to catch us all up on the matter at hand, or at chest. While planning an elective back surgery for sciatica, I went for a routine mammogram and a ductal carcinoma was picked up and and and and.

So I discovered that this would be a good way for us to filter the entries that I make that will record, and yes, reassure those who come after. Because as technology progresses, more and more and more of these types of small masses will be discovered. I was told that not only was my problem still so small it was “probably” 100% curable, but I probably saved my own life because I went for that mammo! Also, that the mass would not have been palpable for two more years. That is scary as heck.

That led me to thinking. Well, if I need to talk to people about this, I would have to use the word BREAST lots of times in that conversation. Meanwhile, I came up with the thought that we do say breast all the time, although not in this sexual context which my gutter-bound mind will not let go of. We go to the grocer and buy chicken breast. We do the breast stroke when we (not me thanks) swim in pools and stuff. We walk abreast when we proceed side by side.

About that abreast thing, it can also mean being informed. So my idea is that to be kept abreast is keeping a breast, which is exactly what we want the outcome of this whole episode to be. Man!

Then it came to me, we walk afield abreast akimbo. This means that we are far away, side by side, and with our hands on our hips. Here’s more –

Why not make up some more words now? Why not adope; aidiocy; anuts; agoof? They can mean, stupid, incompetent, crazed, funny. Let’s ago! Let’s apathetic!

I love the A. AAAAYYYYYY

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