Keeping Abreast 7 – The case of the disappearing Assistant

This is a complaint. This is to complain about the people in my surgeon’s office. Maybe it’s me, but am I supposed to

  1. Read minds
  2. Participate as the coordinator for me, the patient?
  3. Be involved in writing and contacting my doctors?

Because if you look at a timeline which I am keeping, lest I calm down, I have several times had to call my surgeons’ office where invariably “M” is “on another line,” which is fine, except one fine day I did hang up and wait about 45 minutes for a call back. This call back never happened. NEVER! “M” obviously had no intention whatsoever in a year of Sundays to call me back at any time, after that phone call, or any other time during the day.

So, what do I have to do to get a job like this? How about if I never call anyone back, anyone at all. Maybe a person at my teaching job, who wants to schedule an interview to come there? Or how about someone with a question about the school? Or how about someone who needs to know who to write or call for a specific thing?

I like that. Does it mean that if I were to take a job in a doctor’s office, I can look forward to being “on the phone” most of the day? That I can have a younger, less experienced, higher-voiced child answer all inquiries until I get “caught” and then…all I have to say is “We’ll call you as soon as we know.”

I like that!!!!

The amazing part is that once I do call and “catch” someone who actually does respond to my inquiries they are responsive. But why, “M” why, did it take a call-back from me on that day your minion said that you were “on the phone” to tell me that doctor had just gotten off the line with another physician and that my date of surgery was so-and-so. I was enraged, and am still amazed and shocked that a doctor’s office employee would represent her doctor so blasé-ishly.

I know it’s not me it’s the particular staff at the doctor’s office. I had just finished dealing with yet another surgeon for my now-cancelled and in limbo back operation, and there the aptly named “Hope” just told me “go there.” “Just show up” were her exact words. And I did, and it was done.

You all need to be less like invisible ghosts and more like advocates for us patients who depend on you!

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