Keeping Abreast 8 – The Countdown is On!

It’s Saturday, and with all systems go, I’m in the final few days before the big operation. It’s not that it is so debilitating, actually. It is basically an excision with a couple of bandages. I will be able to walk, talk and do all the usual things just like everyone else. Or so I say.

It’s been many years since I had any major surgery. In the interim, more and more operations are considered day-stay, like this lumpectomy. I am happy about that, only because of the increase in hospital-borne germs and supergerms, which with my luck will hone right in on me and mine.

Once home, I plan to relax as never before. That won’t be so hard. I’m basically into being lazy and bored. Court TV does it for me during the day. Watching other people having problems makes me feel so…righteous(?). Ok, I’m guilty.

Once this is all finished up, meaning the surgery is over with, I can look ahead to some sort of normal lifestyle again. Perhaps work? Perhaps change in career? Perhaps making new friends and keeping old ones closer? Family ties are stronger than ever, and healing vibes are always in the air.

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