Dramarama in the garden

blue-heron-with-silly-the-cat-2Here is a story of a couple of incidents just last week in the garden. Minding my own business, I looked out the window to see Silly, the neighbors’ cat, stalking the infamous Blue Heron who has been hanging around relentlessly at our pond. Silly is nuts, I’m convinced. Still, she approached the bird as if she could really catch it although it was standing in the water near the waterfall, now off. What is she thinking? In her mind, and take this as a lesson, she is an almighty supreme ruler of the yard and all yards within a mile of her own. Which she is rarely seen on, by the way.

008That wasn’t enough for the Blue Heron. On another occasion, soon after, Gumbo the dog put up an endless barking. Turned out, he had spotted Blue in the weeds on the bank of the pond, but would not approach it. That was the signal for Jimmy to get out there with the camera and he managed to take a sequence in which Gummy spooked the bird enough to get it aloft. But the bird continued around the back of the pond and lifted over the herb garden and then landed at the end of the yard, in the open lawn. This really got Gumbo crazy, but the best sight was Jimmy following along with the camera. Finally, we wondered if the poor bird were physically injured, not just mortally embarrassed, and Jim rushed it and it flew. But not far. Undaunted in a way, the Heron sat on a 012-copy-2nearby roof, while Gumbo and Jimmy came in.

Somehow, I feel that if the bird is that brave and hungry enough to put itself into such a position, it is welcome to my fish, no matter that I feel the size it prefers is just the size when the fish develop into their beautiful colors and personalities. Still, nature is welcomed and there is little we can do to prevent it’s course.

Just I wish it were not in my back yard!

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