Another Photo Shoot?

Just waiting around at my church for a meeting to start. I was able to take my camera with me, and managed a photoshoot around the back. Here’s the deal – a couple of doorknobs, a brick building and a long path up to the doors. And what do you have – a theme! Yes, a theme. Two doorknobs who spent a working life in NYC as public school accoutrements, now have fame as the subject of a camera club theme. Doorknobs. Oh, how I wish I had been at that meeting, where this was decided. I would have stood firm, stridently demanding the logic behind such a proposal. Each year, there is a themed competition of which I take about a thousand photos and then never enter. Let’s see if this year is any different.

At least I’m honest. When it comes to photographs, the wilder the better. I do like abstract, but don’t always have the eye needed to catch the moment. And forget about being in the right place…never for me. In fact, seeing some of the work of my fellow club members, I simply can’t believe the luck they have when they present a true winner.

Then I think – I have to travel more. Go places. See new things. Heck with that. When I see my body of work that I have now, I am amazed at how close to the bone my work is. There is a flower that bloomed next to my porch steps. There is sometig that came up in a crack in the driveway. Not here is something I shot while climbing the Swiss Alps, or here is the Temple Gong in a remote village in China. It’s less trouble to stay quite at home.

So, my photo shoot got as far as my church here in town, and that’s as far as it goes. When I download the photos, if any are not blurred to smithereens, the better. Even if a piece of one is not blurry I will be happy.

Only time, and a cable, will tell.

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