The Ultimate Viral Strategy

Hey, can’t complain but there are a couple of overlying issues here apparently in my head. I came up with this nutty plan.

A new flu is upon us. I’ve followed the money ad come up with this plan: there is an ultimate plan for this new swine/bird/all the rest of it/virus. Virii(sp?) are simply simple life forms that are capable of mutating until the best solution is found. We are its host, at times, but it has to settle for other hosts as well. My ideation however nuts, is that the virus has decided to go after the human species for a final assault. It has somehow managed to turn our activities in its favor, increasing our bent on destruction of our environment. Our violence evidenced in guns, murder, fighting, religious wars. Any and all ways it can get us to mess ourselves up.

And we thought global warming was bad. This flu is our wake up call, although we already have a couple of these bad germs running around. Pretty soon there may be so many mutations that the governments and those who are supposed to protect us will be chasing after them instead of figuring out how to solve many of our social global problems.

Certifiable? Certainly. But that is nothing new for your faithful writer.

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