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Yes, a great opportunity to get some things down here. I have recently survived a parental crisis. My elderly father had a combination  TIA/Heart attack. Here’s the kicker – he had no prior medical care and it messed up the doctors almost to the point of being amusing. They couldn’t grasp the fact that Dad had made it up into his mid-80’s without taking a single pill. Well, I guess at this point you can assume that if he’d gone for a checkup, he would have been diagnosed maybe with the heart trouble, but he didn’t. He may have been on vitamins sooner, or maybe a dose of aspirin but he didn’t.

Truth is, he will outlive all of us. He will go on his merry way, adoring Bob O’Reilly and Fox News. Adoring the newsprint that is wasted on The New York Post, and pontificating about the dangers of “gay” marriage. (Marriage Equality for those of you who follow those things.)

He has been offered the best of medical care, and has continued to refuse any improvement or any help he can get, thereby preferring another crisis. I just take it a day at a time, dealing with my own problems, and appreciating being with him a bit longer.

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